What is Meditation?

Meditation is a state of experiencing pure awareness.  It helps you to separate yourself from your thoughts, your emotions and your body, to become the observer allowing you to release negative thoughts and emotions!

Meditation is a mental training of the mind, removing the internal chatter and dialog that constantly keeps our minds busy.  With persistence and practice of meditation, it can promote deep changes within on a subconscious level, allowing us to peel away aspects of our psyche that are unconscious and conditioned from a young age; bringing them forward into the conscious mind having a profound impact on our self-awareness.

In this state we become more aware of our choices and begin to take more mindful actions, allowing us to be the creator of our thoughts, our emotions, our words – creating rich experiences in life that are more in line with our higher self.

There is no wrong or right way to meditate.  Everyone’s experience is different and for each, will be a personal journey of self-discovery!

Benefits of Meditation have been scientifically proven to be quite profound!

  • meditation activates our body’s natural healing ability & increases self-awareness
  • allows us to become more aware of our conscious choices
  • removes the need to become reactive
  • promotes a deeper emotional balance
  • alleviates stress, anxiety and in some cases depression
  • increases our empathy and compassion
  • better clarity, focus and increased creativity
  • promotes better sleep
  • plus so much more!

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What are Chakras?  They are energy centers within the body.  There are 7 main chakras that start at the base of your spine and continue up to the top of your head that are responsible for distributing our life force energy.    Our Chakras support our major organs and endocrine systems within our bodies to keep us healthy including our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  When these are imbalanced we feel out of sorts, we can’t focus, we can be indecisive, have a sense of insecurity and not belonging.  However, when they are healthy and functioning at their optimum, we can experience radiant health and happiness, our lives are well-balanced, we have a sense of belonging, clarity & focus, we feel safe, secure in all areas of life and are very grounded.

In this workshop we’ll delve into the ins and outs of each chakra including:

  • Where they’re located & their corresponding colour
  • How they affect us emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Work out which of your chakras are out of whack & need nurturing
  • What you can do to keep them balanced to maintain a healthy mind and body
  • Plus we’ll cover mantras, meditations & quick 1 minute exercises that you can do at home to support your well-being.

April 2024 – 4 week series new date & time to be advised soon.


From the day we’re born, we all have the gift of intuition.  There are a number of ways your intuition kicks into gear.  Whether by gut feeling, an instinct, a knowingness about situations or events that haven’t happened yet.  Most of us, just pass it off as a silly thought!  But it’s actually your intuition kicking into gear.  Are you trusting it, listening to or seeing your signs?

This workshop is divided into two parts – you can do one class for $75 or both for $130 – your choice.

WORKSHOP 1 – Tap into your Clairs

What are your Clair Senses?  Everyone has them – even you!  These are your gut feelings or insights whether obtained through just a knowing or a thought.

When we tap into and trust our Clair Senses, we open the door to powerful insight and guidance that will help manifest a meaningful and abundant life.

During this workshop you’ll tap into the main 4 Clair Senses and learn of the other 4 that are not as commonly known.  You’ll learn how to identify them and develop your strongest Clair.  Most people have one or possibly two that are quite strong.  Which are yours?  Do you know?  What’s your gut telling you?

You’ll be given pointers on how to raise your energy for part 2 of this workshop!

Date & time for 2023 to be added soon!

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WORKSHOP 2 – Awaken your Intuition

So you’ve tapped into your Clair Senses, now it’s time to listen and trust your gut instinct – your intuition ……  have some fun and partner up  while we work together Sensing and seeing Auras, Read Oracle cards, Obtain guidance with Pendulums, Practice Psychometry and use Mandalas for healing.

Date & time for 2023 to be added soon!

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THE ART OF MEDITATION – 3.5 hour workshop

Life has so many different obstacles that result in stress being one of the major culprits when it comes to illness, stopping our mind & body from being in perfect harmony.  During this workshop you’ll gain insight & guidance on how to successfully meditate.

It’s super easy – even you can become a Meditation Guru!

Date & Time for 2023 to be confirmed  later.

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Mindfulness Meditation Program  – BOOKED OUT!

A  Four (4) week Mindfulness Meditation program designed to offer your child the tools to improve their mental well-being using a light hearted approach.

By building their self-confidence and self-esteem with positive self-talk, thoughts & behaviour, practicing meditation balances their emotions, increases their awareness and assists children with more focus & clarity. A truly unique gift they can use throughout their life.

Each session, children will create an art piece to share their experience with you.

New date and time to be confirmed.  Prepayment is required to secure your child’s spot.

My Little Chakras – Children’s Workshop – BOOKED OUT!  

This children’s workshop is a fun & interactive session where they will learn the basics of what our Chakras (energy centers) are & how they affect us.

We will discuss each energy center in detail including where it is located, the corresponding colour, why we have certain feelings & emotions & why it’s important to treat everyone with kindness, love & respect – including ourselves.

Activities will include fun ways to keep their energy centers balanced, positive affirmations, craft work to hang in their room for continued learning and support, finishing off with a rainbow meditation.

* A surprise gift to take home and refreshments are included.

Here is what other little Souls have said….

“I had so much fun and my favourite was the meditations, I wish they were longer”- Casey 9 years
“I can’t wait to show my mum the art and tell her what happened, can I come to the next class” – Ming 8 years
“It was cool with the other kids and the art and the meditation. I want to come again” – Bella 10 years

New date and time to be confirmed soon.

Prepayment is required to secure your child’s spot.