We offer a number of courses and workshops to assist in mind, body and spirit embodiment.

A short description of what we offer is listed below.  For more information on course or workshop dates, please click on the drop down menu above.


Meditation is a state of experiencing pure awareness.  It helps you to separate yourself from your thoughts, your emotions and your body, to become the observer allowing you to release negative thoughts and emotions! 

During meditation practice, we constantly bring our attention back to our breath.  By doing this it allows us to go inward to a place of calm and peace, enabling us to observe our thoughts and scan our bodies for any emotions, feelings, our surrounds – what we see, what we hear – making us aware of our present moment.


Reiki treatments offer healing on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; while healing can occur on one or all of these levels simultaneously. 

Reiki energy is spiritual in nature, it by-passes the physical, mental or emotional problem and goes directly to the cause or issue to allow healing. Reiki is also known to compliment and work in conjunction with any other form of healing or medical treatment.


Throughout history, women have gathered in circles to empower each other and share their insights in a sacred and safe space.  A sacred space where they can be heard and seen without fear, without judgement, without criticism. 

Women have gathered for centuries in caves, huts, tents to support each other, assist with each other’s children, cook together, sew together, assist in birthing – a community of women loving, supporting and lifting each other – sharing in the good moments and sharing grief in the bad times.

Older tribal women would pass on their wisdom and knowledge, teach the younger generation their rituals, so they too can carry on tradition when they are older.  A sacred space where you can connect with other like minded women, be empowered, share wisdom and laughter.

In today’s society women are craving that connection – that bond – that closeness.   So we’ve started Women’s Circles to do just that – support the women of our community with love, kindness and laughter.   Try one of our Circles, you won’t be disappointed.