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Burn Baby Burn …. Disco Inferno …. YES – YES – YES ….. bring it on!
Join us in the ancient ritual of releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you leading up to the full moon!  The full moon is  a time to release and make space for forgiveness, it’s a time when the energy peaks and then purges.  Similar to a storm, you have the build up of wind, clouds, lightening and then suddenly the clap of thunder and release of rain, leaving a feeling of lightness and rejuvenation.  A big breath in and then a huge SIGH knowing that everything is going to be OK.
Our morning will begin with a cleansing ceremony followed by releasing old emotions and fears into the fire – burning – burning – burning them away to make space for setting new intentions and receiving positive loving energy.
We will conclude with a meditation enabling you to rise – rise like a Phoenix, out of the flames – a symbol of rebirth of new life from the ashes of the past, a winner, giving you the courage to defeat life’s challenges and hard times.
Women’s Circles have been an ancient ritual for thousands of years.  Women gather to share knowledge and wisdom, to encourage each other, to lift each other’s spirits and to offer love and support to their fellow sisters.  Women crave that closeness, that bond, that connection!
Join us in a beautiful loving sacred space, where you can let go and share your experiences, your challenges, to be heard without judgement, to be heard without criticism.  This is your time to release, to renew, to rejuvenate, to SHINE!
Limited spots are available with prepayment required to secure your spot.
Date:  2023 dates to be confirmed
Time:   tbc (note: Please arrive 15 minutes earlier for the cleansing ceremony).
Refreshments provided, so please advise if there are any dietary requirements.
Love, light & blessings
Simply amazing reviews – “Rarely do women get the chance to bond, express themselves and be real in today’s culture. Kathryn’s women’s circles allow you to do just that. To be you in a nurturing, supportive, healing and fun space. You can show up in whatever state you’re in, wherever you’re at and be accepted and loved for all of it. In today’s western culture woman are superwoman usually doing it all, looking after husband, kids, households, working and the list goes on, so yang not yin, doing rather than being, so independent and masculine. Kathryn’s woman’s circles will give you the chance to be still, connect to yourself as a woman, expose your raw vulnerable parts and allow them to heal. The group energy is amazing and people with similar issues to heal generally show up at the same circles. Divine’s Law of Synchronicity and Economy in action. I loved the whole evening. Kathryn created a beautiful space, the woman were so raw and honest, friendly and open. Some core issues were revealed, healed and we all went home with strategies to implement to embody more of the wise wild women that we all truly are. Thanks heaps Kathryn, love you – Amy xoxo”

“A truly wonderful experience so relaxing and calming.  Kat is so full of knowledge and a beautiful caring soul is willing to help you deal with all your emotions highly recommend going to see her you will not regret it for one moment.” Pam

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