Chakra Workshop – FULLY BOOKED




What are they?  Chakras are energy wheels or disks that reference a spiritual energy centre within the body.  There are 7 main chakras that start at the base of your spine and continue up to the top of your head that are responsible for distributing our life force energy.

Our Chakras support our major organs and systems within our bodies to keep us healthy including our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  When these are imbalanced we feel out of sorts, we can’t focus, we can be indecisive, have a sense of insecurity and not belonging.  However, when they are healthy and functioning at their optimum, we can experience radiant health and happiness, our lives are well-balanced, we have a sense of belonging, clarity & focus, we feel safe, secure in all areas of life and are very grounded.

In this 4 hour workshop we’ll delve into the ins and outs of each chakra including:

Where they’re located & their corresponding colour

How they affect us emotionally, mentally and physically

Work out which of your chakras are out of whack & need nurturing

What you can do to keep them balanced to maintain a healthy mind and body

Plus we’ll cover mantras, meditations & quick 1 minute exercises that you can do at home to support your well-being.

Date:   2023 dates to be confirmed

Time:  tbc

Pre-payment required to secure your spot

Includes refreshments & worksheet


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