Distant Reiki Healing – 1.5 hrs




Distant healing can be performed when the Client is not present and in the room with the Practitioner.  Healing energy can occur over time and space and is very effective.

When Reiki is activated it addresses the mind, body and spirit accelerating a person’s natural ability to heal or clear any imbalances, promoting well-being and bringing you back to a balanced wellness.  A Reiki treatment is a very gentle and non-invasive procedure whereby the flow of energy is transferred from the practitioner’s hands to the client. Some practitioners work with hands on the body, while others work above the body tapping into the aura or energy field of the client. The practitioners hands are directed intuitively to where healing is needed most.  Your practitioner will tune into your energy field intuitively and discuss

Reiki treatments offer healing on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; while healing can occur on one or all of these levels simultaneously.

Your practitioner will contact you prior to discuss the preparation requirements for both parties.  Includes a debrief via email to advise what messages the practitioner has picked up.




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