Whispering Souls Connected Hearts




A very supportive and profound 1.5 hour energy healing session where the expectant Mum has an opportunity to connect one-on-one with her unborn baby through the heart chakra.   A gentle and serene experience like no other includes use of crystals, sound healing and a heart meditation!




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    Kat is a phenomenal healing practitioner. I have had 2 chakra balancing / reiki healing sessions with her whilst pregnant with 2 different souls and I can honestly say that the experience is amazing. Instantly relaxing beyond belief, and the information she receives is so accurate and so beautiful. The first experience was very late in my pregnancy (about 32 weeks), and the second was very early (at about 6 weeks). I named my daughter after her amazing healing last time around, in which she shared with me the name she wanted to be called in this life through Kat. That is testament to how much I value Kat’s work and her ability to ‘connect hearts’ and heal what you need to also in time for birth. I recommend her highly – she is wonderful. Sally Perkins 24/9/18 (https://www.facebook.com/pg/massageandhealingtherapies/reviews/)

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